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2034 E Southern Ave, Ste G
Tempe, Arizona 85282

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Phone: (480) 557-8445
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AAPPD organizations share a common dedication to the needs and wishes of the individual and family. Choose your provider with the assurance of consistent quality and responsive service.

Welcome to AAPPD

Increase for Qualified Vendors
AAPPD was successful in obtaining a $13.6 million increase in published rates for vendors qualified through the Division of Developmental Disabilities within the Arizona Department of Economic Security.  These vendors provide the high quality services and supports necessary for individuals with developmental disabilities across the State.

Although the increase will probably not be paid out until the Fall, it will be retroactive to July 1, 2005.

AAPPD thanks all consumers, their family members, advocates and providers for their assistance in securing this funding increase.

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AAPPD is a statewide consortium of providers, licensed to deliver services to individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. We provide advocacy, counsel, and quality services, in your home or in residential settings, workshops and work sites. Our organizations share a common dedication to the needs and wishes of the individual. Our core values and service standards exceed state and federal requirements. AAPPD organizations are proud to share with you the evaluation of their services by the individuals and parents they service.

Our Core Values
We foster the growth and development of every individual in our care and service. Families are integral to our best efforts to plan individually to meet the functional, recreational, social and medical needs of each person we serve. We provide leadership and advocacy to families in designing innovative program solutions and working with community government to ensure sufficient financial resources.

We believe that individuals and families are the best determiners of need. We work actively toward system reform which will allow financial and service choices to be controlled by individuals or family members.

One call provides information, explanation of state services and programs, appeals, advocacy and referrals. Call (480) 557-8445

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